A web3 community is born where everyone creates the world's most delicious canned Mackerel together.

project history

project history



Mackerel or Saba (in Japanese) is a versatile ingredient.
Tastes great whether it is boiled, grilled, served in French cuisine, Italian cuisine, and of course Japanese cuisine. It is also rich in nutrients such as DHA and EPA. In Japan, canned Mackerel has already become a major trend, making it easier for people to enjoy the appeal of Mackerel.

However, there may be even more delicious ways to eat Mackerel that we are not aware of, not only in Japan but also around the world. Regardless of gender, age, or nationality, we want to share the deliciousness of this fish and its appeal with many people.

And if Mackerel lovers come together, we might be able to create the most delicious canned Mackerel food in the world.

Our goal is a simple yet big dream: "To create the world's most delicious canned Mackerel food".


Please mint (purchase) our community's original NFT art "38 NFT".
Owning the NFT will grant you various benefits related to the joint development of canned Mackerel food. We want everyone in the community to participate in the decision-making process for canned Mackerel food development and receive various opinions and feedbacks.

Community Discord Invitation

38 NFT

Watercolor Artist Nobuya Kato and calligrapher Taikan Hiraraku, both professional artists, participated in the development of NFT art. By combining traditional ink calligraphy and watercolor techniques, they were able to express the beauty of Mackerel and create high-quality art pieces.


  • benefit 1

    You can participate in the development of a new canned Mackerel food product through our community.

    NFT holders will be given the right to speak and exchange ideas mainly on Discord. Let's share our opinions about local specialty dishes or flavors we would like to try with everyone!

  • benefit 2

    You can participate in a tasting event for the developed canned Mackerel food based on your ideas.

    We will send you the potential product candidate of the canned Mackerel for you to participate in an online tasting event where we can discuss and share opinions on any improvements and taste.
    * Please note that we may not be able to ship to certain countries or regions.

  • benefit 3

    You can participate in voting session to decide which of the multiple final candidates will actually become the product of canned Mackerel.

  • benefit 4

    You can buy the completed Mackerel cans at a discounted price before they are released to the general public.

    Let's finally eat the best canned Mackerel that we made together! You probably want to share your delicious canned Mackerel with many people. We will offer priority access to the sold-out canned Mackerel to our community members!
    * Please note that we may not be able to ship the product to certain countries or regions.


  • We want to win
    a world competition!!

    We will submit the best canned Mackerel created by everyone to domestic and international competitions. We want to win awards and make it a Mackerel can that is recognized worldwide!

  • We want to protect the marine environment!!

    As a community that loves Mackerel, we aim to contribute to the protection or improvement of marine environments by donating a portion of our profits to marine conservation organizations. Our goal is to promote Mackerel while also preserving the oceanic ecosystem.

how to buy

Minting is easy!
You can pay with a credit card!

*Please make sure to create a wallet (Metamask) in advance.

If you are purchasing with a credit card

  1. step1

    Click the desired purchase method!

  2. step2

    On the displayed sales page, confirm the price and click "Buy with credit card".
    A screen for connecting wallet will appear, so press the Metamask button to complete the wallet connection.

  3. step3

    Check if you are correctly connected to the wallet in the "As" field at the top of the screen and click "Continue".
    Enter your card information and press "Pay" to purchase.
    *Credit cards are available for use: Visa, Mastercard, JCB

If you are purchasing with ETH (Ethereum)

  1. step1

    Click the desired purchase method!

  2. step2

    A pop-up screen for purchase will be displayed, so click "Buy with ETH (Ethereum)".
    When the link with Metamask is completed, the MINT button will appear.
    Click "MINT NFT", and you can purchase by selecting the required number from the dropdown menu.

Mackerel 38 NFT


This NFT has ended sales.





  • Please tell me the purpose and details of the community's activities.

    We aim to develop the "world's most delicious canned Mackerel" as our main goal and make Mackerel the most popular food in the world. We will work together with people who love Mackerel all over the world to achieve "environmental conservation for stable Mackerel supply." Please click here for more details.

  • Can I join the community without purchasing the NFT?

    The Mackerel 38 community is open to anyone, but participation in activities that form the core of the community, such as the development of canned Mackerel project is limited to NFT owners.

  • Please tell me how to participate in the community.

    The Mackerel 38 community is located within the external chat service "Discord". Please access the following URL from your PC or smartphone app to join.


  • Where can I buy Ethereum (ETH)?

    You can purchase Ethereum (ETH) at domestic cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Can I just prepare the exact amount of Ethereum needed for purchasing an NFT based on its purchase price?

    You need to pay a gas fee in addition to the NFT purchase price. Therefore, you cannot purchase with exactly the same amount as the NFT purchase price. Please prepare an appropriate amount of Ethereum (ETH) with some extra to cover the gas fee.

  • Is the 38 NFT tradeable?

    NFTs can be bought and sold (secondary sales) on marketplaces such as Opensea.

  • What will the revenue from 38 NFT be used for?

    The revenue from 38 NFTs will be used as the capital for the canned Mackerel development project in this community.